Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Act 4; Scene 20: Two Christmases

Christmas started a bit early for us this year.

We first gathered at the McFarland home in SLC on December 21st.

We had a delicious artichoke chicken dish with rice pilaf, delicious salad, and a plethora of other delicious items. One of my favorite table additions was this beauty:

A butter tree! 

Of course we all love watching Tommy open presents. He is very focused and on-task:

Thomas loves his fisher price Nativity. He is particularly fascinated with the camel.

We took turns wearing crazy outfits (well....just us two crazies)

Then the next morning Robert and I got to go see the Christmas Music and the Spoken word broadcast in the Conference Center.

Spectacular. Great Christmas date for Robert and I.

We also took some family pictures

And one day later we headed to St. George for Christmas round 2! (Or, the "official" Christmas)

We had so much fun...

Eating tons of delicious food!

 This is Mike eating pie and popcorn (what a great combo!) a few hours after our delicious Christmas Eve dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, raspberry jello, and steamed broccoli.

Our Christmas morning German pancakes--I'd say the poof was a success)

And opening presents on Christmas morning!

Same intensity. This kid is one focused present opener!
Roy giving us his best reindeer look.
We also had fun playing with the dogs! They are pretty much Tommy's best friends. Rosie, Roy, and Tommy took turns getting the ball away from each other, and playing copy cat.

Giving Rosie kisses
We also had fun exploring some more of St. George, including Dixie Rock, Brigham Young's home, and the Tabernacle. Next time we hope to make it to Kolob Canyon and Snow Canyon.

Climbing on Dixie Rock
All in all it was a FANTASTIC Christmas break, and we are sad that it is over. But now we are quickly approaching 2014--onto bigger and better, right?

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!!!

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