Sunday, July 6, 2014

Act 4; Scene 43: Thomas Turns Two!!!

I am really not sure who has more fun with birthdays. The kids opening and playing with their gifts, or the parents buying and wrapping and anticipating the excitement. It's a win-win!

With help from gifts from Grandmas, Grandpas, and Aunt K we put together this surprise for him to walk into when he woke up on the big day:

In the morning, he came downstairs begging for breakfast, then saw this loot! He straight-faced walked right over to the bike, asked us to put the helmet on him, and climbed onto it to ride--like he had done that every morning. So funny!

 Then he realized he could open presents, and decided it would be ok to put the bike down for a minute

And man, oh man has he had fun with all of his new toys and books! It has been so fun to see him search them out every morning and play with each of them. It's also helping him be much less grumpy (at least for the time being!)

Then on Saturday we hosted a little birthday party for a few friends. I had lots of fun planning a few activities for the kiddos to enjoy.
And the husbands all enjoyed the end (double over-time and shoot-outs, or it would have been over before the party started!) of the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica world cup game.

The guys watching the game 

Dinosaur sticker boards

Miss Lizzie finds an egg in our dinosaur egg hunt!

After the dinosaur egg hunt, we decorated sugar cookies. Or...ate a lot of candy :-)

Jayna definitely understood the decorating part. She loaded that cookie! Then ate all of the candy off of it, and left the cookie on her napkin. Atta girl!

Then we all sang to Tommy. He didn't quite know what to make of that. I just love this series of pictures!

He did love blowing out the candles!
After serving up cake, we went outside for a water balloon fight!

Trying to splash Dad
Jayna chasing Steven

Steven chasing Jayna!
Sawyer is not a huge fan of water balloons

Kevin, Jack, and Jayne
And of course then there was wrestling time with Grandpa

As Tommy would say, "Oh Boy!" we had fun. Can't wait for another fun-filled year with this two year old!

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

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