Friday, July 11, 2014

Act 4; Scene 45: Age Two

At age two....

Favorite drink is milk
Favorite person is Grandpa (both of them)
Favorite morning activities: running laps from the kitchen to the living room, and brushing his teeth a million times BY HIMSELF.
Loves dinosaurs, trains, trucks, and Uncle Luke's motorcycle.
Says "me! me!" with a pat on the chest after everything accomplished.
Demands that we acknowledge with words what he is pointing out at the time.
Favorite song is Wheels on the Bus.
Favorite movie is Finding Nemo.
Loves sitting in his "special spot" (on top of the giant family size tub of laundry detergent) and helping with laundry.
Hates when things are hot.
Very good at unloading the dishwasher, even when the dishes are dirty.
Favorite food: olives, pizza, ketchup, strawberries, BelVita crackers, watermelon, and toast with jam.
Favorite games are hide and seek and red light green light.
LOVES puppets.
Likes to jump from the top of the stairs into our arms a few stairs down.
Sleeps with his Lamby, Rufus, and Blue Bear.
Favorite word is "big"--and he says it with flourish.
Favorite book is I Spy.
Points out Dad's broken toenail every single morning with an "uh oh."
Gives kisses for any owies.
Favorite activity is swimming.

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  1. milk is my favourite drink, too. love a cold glass right before bed. or with toast and jam. :-)