Sunday, July 20, 2014

Act 4; Scene 46: No More Baby About this Baby

As if turning two wasn't enough.

My baby is no longer a baby.

On Friday, we went to the American Fork Carnival, and Tommy rode all of the rides by. him.self.

If you couldn't tell, he takes his ride-riding very seriously. You couldn't tell how much fun he was having until you tried to get him off of the ride.

And then we got an ice cream to share....and he wanted to hold and eat it by.him.self. He didn't even make a mess or get any ice cream on his shirt!

Today he got to wear his new tie and belt to church. And if nothing else sealed the deal, this outfit did:

the "smile tommy!" face

This baby is no longer a baby.

Oh...and he can play the piano by himself, too.

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