Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Act 5; Scene 25: A Morning in the Life of Trying Not to Watch as Much TV

Yes, I am trying to get away from the TV watching that having another baby has promoted in Thomas. Too much TV makes everyone grumpy, and makes me feel like a bad mom (even if he is learning his letters, shapes, numbers, and a whole bunch of random dinosaurs via PBS).

This morning we were headed to the grocery store, when I discovered a rash on Scarlet's neck (in the folds and folds that never see the light of day) that made it very uncomfortable for her to be in the car seat. So we had to change plans and stay home. Might I mention that the weather is kind of ghastly? SO SO windy that you can barely stand outside.

My immediate thought was: what will we do this morning to fight the TV????

And here is what we did: 

  • Got out the craft supplies to create a "bug diagram" for the library's family bug display. Bless you, library, for giving us a theme and a cause.
  • Colored with markers 
  • Painted a wooden Christmas tree 
  • Ate ants on a log snack, to coincide with our bug life home we created
  • Played red light green light
  • Read a few books
  • Did a puzzle
A picture of our "bug home" Don't mind the messy counter--we were in creation mode! Can you see the spider and web, caterpillar, and bumble bee??
The Christmas tree, with the bug home in the background
Then when Scarlet woke up, we watched Dinosaur Train and Daniel Tiger while I fed her and we ate lunch. I was very proud that we made it that long without Tommy begging for a movie or for Curious George. Whew. Just got to keep him busy!

And now I'm trying to think of what we can do this afternoon to avoid the TV. I'm thinking we can make some bread together. And maybe build a birdhouse with some blocks? Maybe do a puppet show?

What do YOU do to minimize TV time in your house, especially when outside is not a good option, and you can't go anywhere in the car? Are you as tired as I am after a day like this?!?! It's sure been fun, and we will have more fun this afternoon! 

Now I've got to hurry and clean the bathroom before they wake up.

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