Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Act 5; Scene 26: Easter 2015

Easter family picture!
 We started our Easter festivities a little early this year. The Sunday before Easter, we headed to Salt Lake to take in the beautiful spring flowers at temple square.

Thomas especially loved all of the fountains...

It is so fun to see Tommy look up, point, and yell "Temple!" Something we are teaching is sticking? He mostly loved walking around and around the flower beds and fountains, "doing his laps" as he calls it.

The next weekend, we got to participate in the annual North Lake Easter egg hunt. We love this event! Too bad it was so cold this time around.

As per tradition, we had Easter dinner at our house. I have never had much luck making rolls, and I was determined that they would turn out this time. Here's a picture of my practice round:

And they were delicious! But...I got excited and decided to make some traditional Jewish Challah bread instead:

Which was also delicious! Good thing, because I made A LOT.

And we decided to give my checkerboard cake kit another try. Turned out kind of fun, right?

Don't these kiddos look cute with their baskets?

We also had a giant Easter egg hunt for everyone--the adults! It was loads of fun. We even managed to hide a few pretty hard :-). There was one special egg--a golden egg--that was empty. It symbolized the empty tomb--Christ is risen and lives again. The empty egg (empty tomb) is the greatest gift of all. 

You may have seen this, but I think it might be my favorite LDS film as of late. I especially like the part where it says "again, and again, and again." I am so grateful for the chance that I have to try again through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Because of Him:

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