Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Act 5; Scene 27: Robert's Birthday

It's no secret that I love surprises. And trying to come up with awesome surprises for my favorite man is such fun! 

This year I decided on a Park City over night trip. We have been talking about going up to Park City FOREVER because Robert had never been. Granted, we weren't going to go skiing and the summer attractions weren't open yet, but I decided that now was as good a time as ever! Thanks to my mom and dad (thanks, guys!) for taking Thomas for two days, I booked a hotel room just outside of Park City. All on the DL, of course.

When Robert got home on Friday after work (the Friday before his birthday), Tommy was already at my parents. He was adequately surprised. (he he he). Then I told him we had to be somewhere to eat at 5:30, so we'd better get going. I told him not to bother with changing his clothes, but he said he wanted to at least freshen up. Next thing I know he is asking where his deodorant is. Ah! I responded that Tommy must have taken it out of the drawer--and really don't worry, you smell great, we need to go! But he continued to look around for his deodorant and realized that his toothbrush was gone. And my toothbrush. And his contact stuff. 

"We're going somewhere overnight, aren't we?" 

Haha! Oh well, at least it was a surprise until then, with everything already packed in the car! We loaded up Scarlet (lucky duck she got to come) and headed to Kneader's in Provo where I had ordered dinner on the run for us. Then we made our way to Park City via the scenic route past Midway and Heber. And it was a lovely drive--the perfect weather and light at that time of day. 

We checked into the hotel, and called it a night (baby, remember??) Scarlet even slept pretty well in the pack-n-play till about 3am. And then after 5am when I let her snuggle with me in bed. The hotel had an AWESOME hot continental breakfast, and we stuffed ourselves. Hey, why not?

After breakfast we tried to play some pool or ping pong, but by the time we got there all the kids on spring break had taken over the game room. So we decided to check out and explore the city.

First we headed to the Olympic Museum.

We learned some cool things about the history of skiing in Park City. We also learned a lot about ski and snowboard apparel fashion....who knew? And we tried some funny games.

Trying to get the ball down the slope in the path
After that we headed to Main Street and just meandered around trying on $500 leather jackets (I didn't let any of us touch the $1500 ones), looking at art work, and perusing all the menus to see what we wanted to eat for lunch. Robert found a favorite--a Mangelsen photography studio. And just after walking out of that gallery, a nice little bird perched perfectly for him to take a few shots:

We ate an overpriced lunch at a fun little place on Main Street, then decided to head to the outlets. We couldn't find Robert any Sunday shoes, and at that point Scarlet had basically had it, so we decided to head home. It was a fun outing, and now Robert can say he has been to Park City. Next time we go we won't bring any kids :-)

Celebrations continued the next week. The day after Robert's birthday and the day before Luke's birthday we had a dinner celebration at our house with home made pizza. I made Robert one of his favorite cakes--a blueberry lemon with lemon icing. It was a hit!

One year older and wiser, too!

Happy birthday, to you!

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