Thursday, October 1, 2015

Act 6; Scene 3: October First (and first costume hint!)

Ahhhhh. Do you smell that?

It's fall. Orange afternoons, crispness in the air, pumpkins on the doorsteps...

and only 30 days until Halloween!

We celebrated with our kick-off Spooktacular Meal of the season.

Today being the first day of the month, Robert will be working late (until about midnight tonight). Being a Thursday, I had my musical theater class and would get home after normal dinner time. So we decided to go with a breakfast meal for today!

Tommy helped me make Halloween French toast

 Just take two different shades of bread and use cookie cutters to make shapes! Yes, Tommy insisted on a Christmas tree as well. My suggestion is to make sure you have very contrasting colors, and bread with large slices so the cookie cutters don't break the bread! But very fun for kids to help with.

Then Tommy helped me make candy corn fruit cups.
Tommy's typical picture face these days
 It's supposed to look like a piece of candy corn--pineapple (yellow), oranges (orange), and cream (white). We added a piece of candy corn for flair :-)

 And there you have it!

Just one little ghost left over with not enough batter. We'll enjoy this for snacks tomorrow!

And of course, being and October post, it is also the FIRST HINT for our annual Halloween costume guessing contest!!!

Here is this post's hint: We are from a fairy tale.

Happy Haunting!

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