Saturday, October 17, 2015

Act 6: Scene 6: Autumn it Up

We have been having a great time living up the autumn air around here!

This week, our big project was making a scarecrow for Thanksgiving Point's first annual Scarecrow Festival. That was also a great excuse for me to go through all of my drama room costumes and clean out old stuff I don't want anymore. 

We created the scarecrow out of some old costume/clothes, and one of the white pumpkins that we grew. I thought she looked pretty neat at home! But when we staked her up, she seemed to be a little lacking....especially compared to some of the other amazing scarecrow contraptions people came up with! But we got our free tickets to the festival, which was the main reason I wanted to do it :-)

Here I am with our lovely (?!) little scarecrow!

That same night we had our traditional pumpkin and ghost pizzas! Tommy has been really into helping me in the kitchen lately, and pizzas are perfect for him to decorate. 

The next day we headed back to enjoy the Scarecrow Festival! We were lucky enough to have Uncle Sam join us. It was the PERFECT autumn evening.

One of the scarecrows
Now just imagine how much straw he had in his shoes...
We of course topped the evening off with ice cream at the Deli, a favorite of ours. Sam and I split a giant brownie Sunday. Glad I had my brother around to share it with me!

Today was our big ward Halloween Carnival, which I have been looking forward to forever! I can't wait to get our family costumes ready for this event! Last night I sewed the final touches on our costumes, and then....

Tommy threw up all.night.long.

I was so sad. Yes, I was sad because there is pretty much nothing sadder than watching your 3 year old vomit and dry heave (TMI?!?!) literally every 30 minutes to an hour for six hours straight.

But I was even more sad, because it most likely meant that we would not be attending the ward Halloween party as a family. 

And yes, he did throw up a few more times today, which meant a definite no to the ward party for him.

I was planning on revealing our Halloween costumes today. But because of this incident, I will postpone. But I will give one last, one very BIG hint. 

This year's last Halloween Costume Hint:

Scarlet and I dressed up for the ward carnival today. It was girls' day out, helping at a booth and bringing treats. If you can't guess it after this, you really don't know your fairy tales!

(Yes, Heather, you win!)

And I wanted to show off the treats I worked on this afternoon for the ward's spooky treat contest.

Creepy, huh?!

They didn't win a prize. But Scarlet and I managed to win second place in the costume contest! Even without the rest of our crew! Probably because she is so stinkin' cute.

And that's all for now, folks! 

Happy Haunting!

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