Saturday, October 31, 2015

Act 6; Scene 8: This is Halloween!!!

What a fun couple of days it has been!

Here's what we've been up to.

Last night we had a royal night-before-Halloween feast. 

Taco soup in pumpkin bread bowls and witch finger cheesy bread sticks were the main attraction.

Then we set to work carving our pumpkins

This picture looks vicious! I caught the right angle!

This morning we started our Halloween festivities with pumpkin pancakes, in the shape of ghosts and bats. Tommy really wanted bat-shaped pancakes (you try figuring out how to make that work!!!)

Thomas LOVES pancakes. He asks for them every day. I think he would eat them for every meal if he could. He has, sometimes. 

This was after he had already eaten his bat pancakes. He was having a pancake for his morning snack. At least these ones are made with some pumpkin and whole wheat flour. Next I need to make spinach-zucchini-carrot pancakes, ha!

Scarlet loves the witch finger bread sticks. She chowed that thing!

This year I waited until Halloween day to buy candy, because I thought I might be able to get it on sale, or a good deal on it. 

Waiting for a deal apparently doesn't work until after Halloween, but we did manage to get to the Macey's Halloween festivities since we had to buy some candy. And while we were there, we were the first winners of their cake-walk game! Tommy and I won a giant Halloween donut!
Tommy wanted to wear the witch hat headband, although I did offer him the skeleton. He loves whipping the braids around.
And then, after all of that, we were almost ready for the big event of the holiday! Trick or Treating!

Did you guess our costumes from my last, GIANT hint? (Heather already guessed weeks ago!)

Here we are:

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf!

And boy, oh boy, has Tommy LOVED this Halloween costume and character. At every house he would tell the people handing out candy "I am the big, bad, wolf!" At one house, he told our neighbor three times while he was at her door that he was the big, bad wolf. 

Oh man I love that kid.

And have you ever seen a cute little pig than this???

Of course, the big bad wolf had to chase the pigs to try and gobble us up.

Really, I could post a million pictures, because I am finding them all so cute right now!

But I think I'll stop with one last classic, candid picture.

I mean, just look at that tail! Perfection in a word.

Love you, Robert :-)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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