Sunday, October 9, 2016

Act 7; Scene 4: More October Happenings and Costume Hints

Another week full of festivities!

This week we had the chance to visit the Witch Fest at Gardner Village. We tried the witch scavenger hunt, but we couldn't find two of the witches!! We had a good time looking at the rest of them, though.

Oh! And I remembered to take a picture of our whole front porch area:

Do you spot Frankenstein looking out of the window?

We all love Mr. Bones

And for our spooktacular meal this week....drumroll.....

Jack-o-Lantern stuffed peppers!

Fresh peppers, onions, and tomatoes from the garden included!

Robert took this picture, then told me it looked disgusting. It does sort of look like they're drowning in blood or something, huh? They are actually roasting in a delicious balsamic-marinara sauce. 

And the full meal--jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers, banana ghosts, and pumpkin-shaped carrots. Very orange. But very delicious!

Or for the adults, a bleeding jack-o-lantern. Haha....and ew! (But so yummy!)

And now, what you've all been waiting for....COSTUME REVEAL hint #2!

Hint #2: There are three colors involved in our entire ensemble. Black, gray, and red. Oh, and I guess a tiny bit of blue. :-)

That's it for now, folks! 

Happy Haunting!

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