Monday, October 24, 2016

Act 7; Scene 6: My last Birthday in My Twenties.....

Oh man that's kind of depressing to say!

But, at least we had fun celebrating.

We started out on Saturday by taking a trip to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

I mean, our kids are really just the cutest.
 Of course we had to get a picture by the super hero scarecrows.

And the bounce houses are always a big hit

Then we headed to Culver's for a yummy, if not super healthy, dinner.

Sunday morning started out with everyone rushing around like crazy so that I could get out the door to stake choir practice on time. I had the luxury of walking the mile+ to church. And really booking it in order to make it in time. It felt wonderful! And even more wonderful was being able to sing 8 part harmony and gorgeous songs with the stake choir for stake conference. My birthday couldn't have fallen on a better Sunday.

After conference it was time to open presents

I love this one of Scarlet's pigtails!

Since I knew what my big gift was, the boys decided to be sneaky and take it out of the box and hide it somewhere. I did get one clue--it was "it's in the claw." Robert was convinced I would have no idea what that meant. The first thing I thought of was "in the closet." You can find out by watching the video if I was right!

After naps we headed up to SLC for a birthday dinner. If you haven't heard, my glucose test numbers came back kind of high. That means that I don't have gestational diabetes, but one out of two of those numbers were high. The doctor told me I need to cut way back on refined sugar, and eat frequent, small meals. Has anyone ever asked you to cut down on sweets around this time of year? It's kind of tricky! Since I had eaten too many treats this past Friday night while helping the caterer at the Utah Art Invitational, I requested no birthday cake. Instead, my mom bought me a bag of Russell's sugar free chocolate candy. So my candles got to be in a little, sugar free peanut butter cup. Which are actually quite good! Thanks, Mom!

Of course we couldn't leave Grandma's without going on a walk. We looked more like a parade heading down the street! On our walk, we ran into a neighbor who offered to take a picture for us. I love how it turned out!

Luke, Kayla, Sam and Tommy, Mom, Robert, Me, Dad, and Scarlet
All in all it's been a fun birthday weekend. A little more relaxing than the past CRAZY week, that I can't even bring myself to blog about. 

Here are some other gems I found on the camera roll from this week:

From last week's family home evening, talking about families. Tommy drew this picture of our family all by himself! My favorite parts are me with a baby in my tummy (can you spot it?), and Robert's long hair...circling our family. Tommy thought that was pretty hilarious.

Cupcake decorating!

You'd want to eat these sprinkle-ridden gems too, wouldn't you?
And now, for another COSTUME REVEAL HINT!!!!

It has been harder than ever to keep this one a secret. This may have to be our last year of costume reveals, since the kids are so excited to tell everyone they see. Anyway, here is this week's:

Costume Hint #4: Scarlet's character enabled Tommy's character. Carson's costume is a non-living thing, and Robert's is a victim of Tommy's character.

Any guesses????

Happy Haunting!

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