Sunday, October 16, 2016

Act 7; Scene 5: Spooktacular Food, Pumpkin Field Trips, and Costume Hints!

Here's a brief look into another fun-packed, fall week at our house:

Pumpkin Patch party in Murray. I stood in line for at least 45 minutes for these balloon creations!

Pumpkin Patch preschool field trip to Jaker's! 

On the wagon ride
the preschoolers climbed the giant hay bale pyramid

Tommy picked this as his field trip souvenir 

Scarlet loved hanging out between these two pumpkins while waiting for the wagon ride

Our Spooktacular meal of the week for Grandma's birthday celebration! 

Pumpkins and witch brooms

Brains (spaghetti squash), witch fingers, pumpkins, and witch brooms!

We went on a colors tour of the path behind our house. Golly we live in a beautiful place!

And carrot cake for Grandma's birthday!

What a fun week. As we were driving the other day, Tommy looked out the window at all of the leaves and declared, "I love fall!" I couldn't have been more proud :-).

And now....another COSTUME REVEAL HINT!!!!

Hint #3: I asked my mom if I could use her purple jeweled spider web pin for my costume. It will be perfect. And we picked up some black sweat pants for Robert's on Saturday.

Any guesses?????? (Is anyone even reading these?)

Happy Haunting!

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  1. I am reading these! And loving them -- each and every post. 😄