Monday, February 14, 2011

Act 1; Scene 11: A Day of Love

Today is the day! A day of showing love for everyone you see and giving lots of tasty candy and cookies (always a good excuse for candy and cookies!) Last night I came home to a beautiful pot of tulips. What a wonderful welcome home from my week-long hiatus from my sweetheart. And today I was surprised with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples! That is our Valentine's Day tradition, as Robert informed me today. I did not remember that we got those apples last Valentine's Day as well! Good memory, Robert. I'm attributing a lot of it to the fact that they are yummy sweets. :-)

Doesn't this look delicious?

I am saving my present for Robert for later. He'll be surprised with something lovely from L.A. ;-) Almost time to give the gift and I'm dying with excitement!

Today I had a blast giving out heart-shaped candy to my students and showing of my new Valentine's Day socks (which are super cute and "just my style" as Robert says--thanks, Kris!) Something about holidays and celebrating them makes me so happy. So get out there and share the love! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Coming Soon....detailed stories and pictures from my trip to LA and Disneyland! Stay tuned...


  1. Wow! Robert did a great job! Also, Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory is based in my home town of Durango, CO! Semi-annually they have a sale where all their chocolate from the factory is about 90% off. Needless to say we stock up for the entire year :) Thanks again for making time to see me while in LA! I had a blast, you are so awesome!

  2. Oh, the Love!
    (and that's a killer apple...)