Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer of Picnics #5


Place: Pioneer Park in Provo, UT
Menu: Home made banana bread, fresh pineapple, and broccoli-raisin salad.
Description: Reading and munching in the great outdoors! :-)

I still have to read about 800 pages in a week for one of my classes, on top of the text book readings. Needless to say, my nose is often in a book. We decided to make a date out of it :-). Good thing Robert loves to read, too! (And yes, that yellow book is entitled "No More Dead Dogs" and is as fantastic as its title.)

Delicious broccoli raisin salad!

Ah! Banana bread disaster! No worries, the next loaf came out of the pan beautifully. I learned a few things on the first try :-)

Happy Picnicking!

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  1. I love reading on a blanket in the park! Nothing better!