Monday, June 27, 2011

Act 1; Scene 33: My Niece, Age Three and a Half, is a Diva

This past weekend Robert and I have been helping his brother, Joe, and his family pack up and make the big move to Ada, Ohio. Not only was there cleaning, packing, wrapping, and loading to do--but two kids to watch out for. That's a lot of work for a Mommy and Daddy! But don't worry--the minute that Rebekah discovered that I had brought along a camera she was destined to be entertained the entire time. 

"Take a picture of me, Carson!" and "Let me take a picture, Carson!" and "Take a movie of me, Carson!" and "It's time for the camera to wake up from its nap now, Carson" is what kept Rebekah entertained. 

What can I say...my niece is a Diva! 

We took pictures of Rebekah: 

Rebekah took pictures of herself: 

Love this one. Cheetos were a big part of her day. :-)

Rebekah wanted her picture taken with the moving truck:

 Rebekah took pictures of everything in the house: 

My favorite picture Rebekah took:

We even got a video of her, in which she reveals her future plans:

Yes, this little diva has even figured out whom she is going to marry. His name is Athen (like the Greek City, only minus the "s"), and he is nearly 10 years old. Rebekah is a woman after my own heart--she goes for the older men ;-). She knows her mind better than I did at her age!

All in all, these two Divas get along very well. 

Have fun in Ohio, Rebekah!


  1. My favorite picture is the one of her on the stairs. She really knows how to pose

  2. and we are going to see her in person in a few days - Yippee!

  3. Wow -- she's growing up! I haven't seen her since your wedding; what a doll.
    And yes, going for the older men often works out quite well. ;-)