Thursday, June 30, 2011

Act 1; Scene 34: How many pieces of taffy can YOU eat in a week?

The Saturday before last, we went up to Cache Valley for the McFarland family reunion. We were all very excited about what is becoming an annual event: candy guessing. There were jars and containers of all sizes filled with different types of candy, and we had to guess how many were in each. Whomever guessed closest won the jar of candy. I just happened to guess the EXACT amount of taffies in this jar--57. 

Yup--that's the jar. I took this picture exactly one week after having won the prize.

Notice that it is empty.

That's right. 

Here's a closer look:


Robert refuses to eat salt water taffy.
He thinks it's nasty.
There's really no one else around.

So besides the couple that I shared with my Mom and brother, and the one raspberry one I gave to Kristen, and the other raspberry one that I used at drama camp,
I ate them all.


Which, I believe, would equal around 52 taffies.

In one week.

Oh Nelly. The 4th of July must be approaching.

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