Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer of Picnics #7


Place: A patch of grass across from the JFSB, overlooking the RB and Utah Lake.
Menu: Delicious Gandolfo's Sandwiches. Yum!
Description: Goodbye, Campus!

This was the view to the East of our picnic. 
 Some of the best deli sandwiches ever--Gandolfo's!
(You can see where I will be wrinkled when I have wrinkles :-) )

The view to the West--the RB and Smith Field House, and mountains. I have been eying this lovely little secluded spot of trees and grass and shrubs on my way down the thousands of RB stairs each day. The view, we discovered, was not quite as majestic as I thought. Mostly tops of buildings. Picturesque. But we could still see somewhat beyond them! 

As part of New Student Orientation for summer term going on that day, they were giving out free snow cones and salt water taffy. Yum! Great day to be on campus--lots of new freshman figuring out the lay of the land, and us celebrating the end of our campus days. 
(Another exciting thing about this post is that there are pictures of me--Robert commented that I always have pictures of him eating. So this one is my turn to "open" for the camera)

Happy Picnicking!


  1. I know exactly the spot where you had this picnic. Those steps from the JFSB to the RB are killer! What a fun picnic!

  2. I used to sit there on very loner nights during my freshman year and read.

  3. Yea! School is out!Great picnic.

  4. i have no idea of the location but your picnics always look and sound wonderful. i'm coming on one the next time i'm in town. :-)