Monday, February 13, 2012

Act 2; Scene 28: A red and pink bomb went off in our apartment this weekend

This is what was taking over our apartment all weekend long:

Valentine making! We have been going crazy around here! The reason? Our apartment complex is having a door decorating contest to celebrate Lovers' Day. The incentive?
  1st place: $60 off of rent
2nd place: $40 off rent
3rd place: $20 off rent

So obviously we had to participate and we had to be super creative about how we would decorate our door. Robert came up with the idea of making our door into a little kids' Valentine box--you know, the kind you used to make to take to school on the big day? I thought it was an awesome idea. Well, a few boxes and Valentine's later, the idea morphed into hanging a little kids' Valentine box (actually much easier than trying to make our entire door 3D) overflowing with Valentine's falling into a big pile of funny little Valentine's at the bottom of the door. I got to work making tons of "little kid" Valentines while Robert worked on creating the box itself. I really should have taken a picture of the whole apartment--the coffee table (new, might I add) was only half of the Valentine craziness. Here is our finished product: 

Couldn't quite get the whole door in, so this is the top

This is the bottom

Side view!
I don't know if it actually looks like how we planned, but we think it's pretty awesome :-). Notice the dangling Hershey's kiss from the trailing Valentines. Also, if you look closely in the middle picture, you can see a "crush list" and a "Will you be my boyfriend?" request--two of my favorites :-).  

The judging ensues tonight. We will know tomorrow if we are an awesome winner of some reduced rent. Wish us luck! And have a happy Valentine's Day!

And stay tuned....tomorrow we find out if our little alien is a girl or boy!


  1. The question is, how much did you spend on the decorations? ;)

  2. WOW! Way to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    We used to make valentine mailbags for the first FHE in February and each of us would hang them on our bedroom doors. During the month we would deliver valentines to one another via our classically decorated brown lunch bags. Much fun.