Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Act 2; Scene 29: Valentine's Day

A couple of awesome things happened today. 

This is what my husband came home to:

This is what my husband came home with:

 This was part of our dinner:

Grilled ham and cheese   

Say hello to a FIRST PLACE door!!!

And...drum roll...say hello to:

(Freaky skeleton head)

A new MR. Center!

showing off his goods

So bring on the blue and green, overalls, trucks, basketballs, and dinosaurs. Let's also not forget cute hats and sweater vests. We'll be ready, Mr. C!

Happy Valentine's Day to all, and to all a good night.


  1. So excited for a little boy! Boys are so fun! Crazy, but fun!

  2. yay for the baby boy! and congrats on the winning door. no one else stood a chance coming up against you. ;-)

  3. Cute VDay ideas! And CONGRATS on the baby boy news!!!