Monday, March 5, 2012

Act 2; Scene 33: Two Random and Unrelated Happenings

1. The Daffodils

I have been feeling rather lonely being at the apartment by myself nearly all day (even if I am working--I am still at my apartment, by myself). This is a rather atypical circumstance for me--I can't remember any other time when I had so much solitude--ever. The other day, Robert surprised me and brought home these lovely ladies to keep me company during the day:

Aren't they just lovely? They bring so much sunshine and life and happiness into the apartment.

2. The Cookie Volcano

Yesterday was a very lazy Sunday--no plans except ward choir, church, and home teaching. Lovely! My parents and brother Sam were on their way home from a Lacrosse tournament in Las Vegas and called to see if they could stop by. So of course I wanted to try out one of the Pinterest dessert ideas I have been eying for a while. Now doesn't this look/sound delicious? Cookie dough wrapped around muffin tins to create a cookie ice cream cup?

Brilliant idea, right? So I whipped up a quick batch and went to work. I put them in the oven and started washing dishes. All of a sudden I said to Robert, "Does it smell like something's burning to you?" Robert opened the oven and this is what he found:

The cookie volcano! It had exploded and dripped all over the oven! And of course, about 2 seconds later, my mom, dad, and Sam walked in. Perfect. This was one cooking adventure that didn't quite work out. However, I learned many things, one of which is to always place a cookie sheet underneath just in case the volcano erupts.

Happy Happenings!

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  1. No doubt that would have happened to me, too. Hats off to you for giving it a try. Do you suppose the results would have been different if you had the same sort of muffin tins as in the original post? Just a thought.