Thursday, March 15, 2012

Act 2; Scene 35: Just Practicing for Soccer


Just so you know, this post will contain more baby info, and most likely rather sappy info at that. I know I shouldn't have two baby-related posts in a row, but...it's sort of been on my mind lately. So if you're getting babied about and don't want to read some sappy pregnant lady's tales, choose a different post.
You were warned. :-)

I had been sitting here checking my email and looking over my "sites" when all of a sudden I felt a huge pummel, and at the same time watched my stomach literally bounce and protrude. 

Wow! That was a kick! A big kick!

Then it happened again--a regular pummel, and my tummy bounced again. 

And again.

And again.

I have been sitting here for the past 20 minutes or so just watching my tummy bounce and feeling those kicks/punches/squirms. At one point I swear he decided to roll around and my tummy looked like an ocean wave moving while he was doing it.

Where did this come from? No more popcorn or butterfly fluttering, this little guy has decided all at once that he is sick and tired of being in there (seriously--can you imagine being cooped up in a tiny space like that for 24 weeks? Too bad he still as appx 16 to go). I blame it on the sunny spring weather--we're all feeling excited to go and play outside. And I know he is dying to get out on that soccer field. I guess he's decided he'll just have to practice in the womb for now, so he'll be that much more ready when the time comes.

The best part about this little soccer scrimmage? Every kick and head but and roll not only makes my tummy bounce, but somehow it bursts a little hole in my heart that starts gushing. Yup, that's right--after each little (ok, actually, quite large) pummel there is a waterfall of emotion that goes spilling all through me. It's sort of like "kick, tingle tingle" (the tingles are the said waterfall). What with all of these kicks and rolls and tingles of love all over the place, I think I could just sit here and listen to my baby all day.

This definitely makes up for some of the other "difficulties" I have been feeling lately. No wonder pregnant women are so emotional.

I told you, it was sappy. Like I said before, you were warned. :-)


  1. Oh, the joy!
    (and we will certainly by happy to welcome another Center soccer player in to the family.)