Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Act 2; Scene 36: Spring Craftiness

The sun is peaking out more and more and the weather is warming up. Spring time always makes me feel excited! I love the brightness in the air and the sounds of the birds chirping and the plants flowering. And in the past couple of days I've gone all spring crafty. Here are my recent creations:

Paper Daffodil-like jelly-bean decorations

A bouquet of paper flowers:

The coffee table with the decor and munchies out for my turn hosting our book group:

The delicious spring cupcakes I made (lemon, with cream cheese frosting, dyed coconut, and malt ball robin eggs):

Ah, it's been so nice and sunny and springy around here! I love my colorful bright paper that I can decorate my house with :-)

Oh, and tomorrow I am going here:

And I can hardly wait.

Hope you all have a springy, sunny, colorful weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. I love your springy flowers. What fun. And I get fat just looking at the cupcakes. :)
    So, what have you been reading with your bookclub?