Saturday, October 26, 2013

Act 4; Scene 11: Birthday! (And another costume hint)

This week I had a birthday.

And it was awesome. Busy, but awesome.

Robert took the day off so that we could visit the local Halloween Carnival that day. So we headed out right after Tommy's morning nap to make the most of it.

Well...turns out that local Carnival (Cornbelly's) was actually closed and did not open until 4pm that day. Rats! However, we were still able to get in some fun in the open sections while no one was around.

He even got to climb up the stairs and get in the tractor when no one was around!
 This sequence of photos was my favorite from the morning. He calls pumpkins balls and was trying so hard to reach that little one!

We decided to stay at Thanksgiving Point for lunch and split a delicious deli sandwich at the Cafe. Then we headed to the ice cream and soda bar where we enjoyed this cookie sundae:

Then home for nap time! Well, for Thomas.

I went and got my bangs trimmed, picked up my free birthday treat at The Sweet Tooth Fairy, and renewed my driver's license.

I got back just in time for us to try Cornbelly's again--this time during open hours :-)

And with all of the bounce houses, tractor rides, corn mazes, and plastic cows (Tommy really likes the plastic cows...) Tommy's favorite activity was walking around on an empty stage. Yep. Like this:

He LOVED trying to walk over all of the uneven cracks, as you can see here. Robert and I sat on a bench and looked on.

Kind of anti-climactic, right?

Then we rushed home with 30 minutes before I went to a grueling 3 hour dance rehearsal. In those 30 minutes, one of my dear friends managed to bring me a platter of beautiful, delicious cupcakes. Pumpkin with maple cream cheese frosting. Um...hello!

Lighting the candles after rehearsal

Whew! Busy day! Then on Thursday Mike and Robert surprised me with some pies, and my parents came down to deliver a beautiful outside porch bench from Robert, and some new running shoes from them.

If you couldn't tell from the details here, we have eaten enough goodies to kill a nation this week. And it has all been delicious!

But this wouldn't be an October post without a hint about our costumes! So here it is:

We are three people in a five person band

 Happy Haunting!

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