Thursday, October 17, 2013

Act 4; Scene 9: Our Trip to Virginia: Fredericksburg, Oakton, and Washington DC--Daily Highlights


Up at 4am and off to the airport.

Me, sick as a dog; Tommy, happy and restless; Robert, holding the family together.

After two successful flights, a 3 hour stop-and-go drive in the mini van to Fredericksburg.

Our highlights of the day: Visiting with family we haven't seen for years and meeting new family members (Ava! and Jeremy's fam); also the sandies cookies on the airplane.

Tommy's highlights: walking around the airport flirting with everyone; the playroom at the Brooks' house.

(No pictures from today, sadly--I was too sick to think about it)


Restful morning with a morning nap, gathering items for rain weather.

Another (shorter) van ride.

Frozen listening to the backyardagains on the big headphones

Highlights: free history museum at Fredericksburg, complete with child station (blocks, dress-ups, books, puzzles). Visiting in the lovely square while waiting for the ceremony, and watching the the wedding itself. Visiting with family at dinner--and hearing all of the "kid noise" through the restaurant; and definitely the cheesecake.
Tommy's highlights: finding Mike and falling asleep in his arms to the captivating 3 piece orchestra; walking around the tables at the restaurant making friends.

Sharing cheerios

Striking a pose
Spotting the groom!
Lovely ceremony
Mike has the magic touch

James was a great "flower boy"--picking off all of the petals

Brothers and mom!
Again, the magic touch at work
Cutting the cheesecake

Highlights: Walk through the Oakton neighborhood; seeing Orrin Hatch in church; playing games with siblings; sampling Uncle Carl's famous apple pie.

Tommy's highlights: Playing with the stroller and doll (even though legos and blocks were out and available...) "chasing" his cousins up and down the street; going up and down the gym stairs at church; sampling Uncle Carl's apple pie.


Highlights: Temple grounds at DC temple--gorgeous; eating lunch at a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurant;  seeing the view of the city from the top of Arlington cemetery; picking out a Christmas tree ornament; roasting marshmallows in the backyard

Tommy's highlights: Opening and closing the French doors in the mini home display at the temple visitor center; climbing up the stairs at the temple grounds; eating raisins and m&ms in the car.

Ellen, Thomas, James

Fits were also a huge part of this vacation

asleep at the diner

Maryland crab cake sandwich. Very famous--I thought it tasted like mushy bread

The double cheeseburger deluxe ended up being just that--TWO burgers!

Some of the many soldier headstones

Looking towards the Lincoln Memorial

Highlights: Morning nap for both boys; walking around quiet and closed off downtown DC; having the park almost to ourselves; actually being able to get right up to the war monuments (we were afraid we wouldn't be able to); fruit smoothie at Potbelly's in the Midway airport; sleeping baby the whole 2nd flight home.

Tommy's highlights: seeing construction trucks downtown; chasing pigeons in the food court; eating dum dums; playing peek-a-boo with the man in the seat behind us; going up and down the escalators at the metro and the airport.

WA monument under construction...bummer

White House from a distance

Lincoln Memorial

WWII memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Lincoln memorial through the trees

Guarding the closed memorial

Korean War Memorial

This is what was happening all over--closed signs, and pedestrians walking around them :-)

No traffic allowed today! We had the park to ourselves!

View of Jefferson Memorial

There he is!

The Capitol building
What a fun and whirlwind trip! We are so thankful Carl, Shirley, and Marit hosted us and toted us around so we could as much in as we could!

However, we have both come to the conclusion that we are NOT traveling across the country for at least another three years (good thing Mom and Dad Center live in St. George right now). I am also thinking that our youngest needs to be at least 6 before we attempt traveling like this again!!!!

And on that happy note, have a lovely day :-)


  1. i'm truly thankful you guys made the journey. it was wonderful having you there.

    p.s. i think that back shot of mike should be his new facebook profile pic, for a little while anyway. it's a good showing of his socks. :-)

  2. Cute pictures! Looks like such a fun trip!