Sunday, October 6, 2013

Act 4; Scene 6: Fall Colors 2013: Stewart Falls

Yesterday we set out early in the morning--still dark early!--to head to one of our favorite spots right by Sundance to enjoy the fall colors.

A cold and early start!

The Alpine Loop that we usually drive was closed due to the govt. shut down--but the great news is that the hike right before it was free because of it! 

And here is a picture tour of our lovely and chilly morning hike:

One of the many ice patches we walked on on the trail

Gorgeous leaf covering

It was a sparkly leaf--covered in frost


A woodpecker!

Laughing on the trail!

Looking down on the falls

Opposite view of the falls

Gorgeous! It was a lovely morning, albeit cold. And the hike was a bit farther than we anticipated with a back pack--we'll just say our backs are feeling it today!

Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend, and enjoy the rest of conference!

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