Sunday, December 8, 2013

Act 4; Scene 16: Wow...Two Holidays Behind!!!

It has been far too long since I have posted.

Things have been, shall we say, CRAZY around here.

But I found these pictures from Halloween and Thanksgiving and I had to recap! Indulge me in a picture tour of the last two big days in the last 2 months :-)

Here's how our Halloween night turned out:

We started with a meal of witch hat quesadillas and Halloween chips

Here's our spread for the after trick or treating party

jack-o-lantern punch!

Zookeeper Lauren with Gorilla Dustin and monkey Sawyer

Then on to making haunted houses. The graham crackers didn't stay up so well for me. Or maybe it was my design...here's the 3 picture destruction by gravity:

I added candy corn to make it look like a fire destroyed it...

Annie and Erin's awesome haunted house

Lauren and Dustin's room themed house

Robert's haunted church and church yard

He's definitely an architect!
Fun Night!

Now...on to Thanksgiving!

We went down to St. George to visit Grandma and Grandpa Center in their deluxe mission home for this holiday. And we had so much fun that I am sadly lacking pictures! But here are a few from that fun week!

Enjoying the little playground right next door

Rosie just wanted to join us for dinner!

Couldn't resist putting this funny picture from the visitor center up!

The temple at the tree lighting ceremony
I wish we had a picture of Tommy at the swimming pool (also next door). He had a BLAST. He was only sad that we wouldn't put him down in the 4 ft deep water to swim on his own. :-) Swimming lessons for this kid when he's old enough!

We had such a lovely time and are excited to be there for Christmas too!

Whew...feeling a little more caught up now :-)

And now...on to Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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