Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Act 4; Scene 18: And That's a Wrap

Two days ago, Monday night, was the closing night of White Christmas at the Lehi Arts Center.

And my, what a ride!

Who would have thought I could be cast as a back-up dancing chorus girl, and be successful at it?!?! It was a blast. I loved learning tap dance routines, and am glad for the awesome dance experience I got. I also LOVED my elegant 1950s costumes. Here are some shots of a few of them:

 Chorus girl outfit!

for the night club scene
"practicing" dance on stage
Chorus girl in action!
"Snow" scene on the train
And I'm so sad I don't have a picture of my cute Santa chorus girl outfit! I'll have to track one down and post it later. 

Anyway, we sure had fun. It was especially fun to be able to sing and dance along with all of the old Irving Berlin classics in the show. 

And of course, while I was gone Daddy and Tommy had some great times before bedtime.
Here they are watching Lord of the Rings--Robert says, start 'em young. (Oy.)

And here's to having our evenings together again just in time for Christmas! (And to not doing my hair in pin curls every morning!)

Happy Holidays!


  1. i love the shot of you practicing in stage. your lips are perfectly pursed and drawn out in red lipstick. you look amazing!

  2. How fun! You look fantastic in those photos...I bet you were even better in action! Wish I could've seen it. Love ya!