Saturday, December 21, 2013

Act 4; Scene 19: An Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today marks the one year date of us moving into our lovely little Lehi house.

Exactly one year ago me, Tommy, and all of our stuff was stashed in the kitchen while the carpet cleaning guys took action and we waited for the carpets to dry. I tried to put Tommy to nap in the laundry room--fairly unsuccessfully. And I nursed Tommy on a bar stool leaning against the wall a few times, while we waited and Robert was at work.

Glad we're a year away from that day :-).

Some of our favorite things and improvements in the house so far:

  • Painting the living room and kitchen--with two toned gray and white. Lovely.
  • Adding a sectional couch to the living room
  • Completing the "parlor" room with two gorgeous original paintings (thanks, Dad!), and a reading corner with trendy chair, side table, and table lamp
  • Cultivating and growing a huge garden overflowing with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and green beans.
  • A new area rug for the living room
  • Having a garage (the best!!!!)
  • The view of the backyard and park--gorgeous!
  • Being so close to Provo and Salt Lake
  • Being so close to a large shopping area (grocery, home goods, clothing, garden, everything!)
  • Living right next to a field that is usually full of cows
  • Planting dozens of tulip bulbs. Can't wait to see that this spring!
It's been a great year so far. We're so excited for many more in our house. I wonder what changes this next year will bring?

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