Monday, March 10, 2014

Act 4; Scene 30: Tommy Found A Girl Friend

Or should I say another one? He is a terribly big flirt.

We headed up to Sandy this weekend for the Home and Garden Festival (which I won tickets for on the radio!!!! So of course we had to check it out). It was fun--completely crowded. No parking in the entire expo center parking, and most of the overflow completely packed. Crazy! It was fun to see a lot of beautiful and strange home and garden stuff. And they had dog trainers there--the family fave. 

Afterward we decided to use my recently acquired gift card to Chili's for dinner, since it was right down the street. Which was also completely crowded. Fortunately we avoided the MAJOR crowd as we hopped in for an early dinner.

And they sat us at a booth. One of those booths that is divided from the booth right next to it by a beam and a partition, with a little area underneath the partition for peeking at who is eating on the other side (obviously). 

Well, it just so happened that a little girl about Tommy's age was sitting at the booth on the other side of our partition. And Thomas noticed right away. She didn't seem to mind the attention, either.

They giggled and laughed and flirted with each other the whole time. It was great entertainment for both (and for both sets of parents). Hey, it kept Tommy distracted from trying to open the ketchup, shake the salt and pepper all over, and dump out the packets of splenda, so we're good!

Hope your weekend was just as entertaining.

Have a great week!

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