Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Act 4; Scene 34: Our Trip To LA: Day 4

  • Play time outside
  • Visiting the Children's Discovery Center--a free resource center with TONS of toys, learning activities, a giant slide, books, all sorts of amazing things!
  • Naps!
  • Zuma Beach
  • Watching dolphins play close to the beach! Amazing! 
  • Home made curry--yum!
  • Watched Frozen (which we were both pretty disappointed with)
love how Tommy is pointing where he wants to go and William is pushing

trying out the sand

the breathtaking landscape

Just before the waves pulled him down--he wasn't scared of the ocean waves yet

Tried to get him to help build the sand castle, but he only wanted to stand in the water

This is what we did nearly the entire time. Stand where the waves would wash over our feet. For an hour.
Becca and James chillin' on the sand

I just love his little footprints in this one
Mr. Joe Cool and his side kick
Wish we could have been at the beach longer!

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