Thursday, March 27, 2014

Act 4: Scene 35: Our Trip to LA: Day 5

  • Get up early to hike to the Hollywood sign
  • Realize that it will take hours to actually hike there, so
  • Go to a lookout point on the trail, and explore the Griffiths Observatory
  • Feel like the greatest show in town--Tommy waved and growled at everyone. And every single person on the path pointed at us/him and waved hi and were so tickled to see a toddler! Not what we're used to back home, where babies are everywhere.
  • Go to Hollywood Blvd to see the stars
  • Can't find the stars with signatures, so walk down a bit of the stretch to see what we can 
  • Pack up and head to St. George
  • Relaxing night in real bed with pillows (joy!)

"Smile for the camera, Tommy!"

panorama behind the observatory

The observatory from the trail
What handsome boys!

Why Reese Witherspoon? It was a star on the path of someone I know and like well enough--had to get a pic with what I could find!

The Pantages Theater

Here is my favorite! Had to snap it fat at a crosswalk or I would be in the picture!
This is the strange rock formation that is on the hill by the Summers' apartment

Did I mention we had a lot of naps in the car? Good thing he likes books!
 We did try to fix the drooping head as often as possible--but inevitably when we looked back it would be back in this same position. Poor kid.

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  1. I love all the pictures. Looks like a good time. So glad you got to go bit sorry we weren't home when you were. Come again.