Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Act 4; Scene 32: Our Trip to LA--Day 1 and 2

Day-by-day bullets of our most recent adventure:

  • Leave for St. George
  • Visit art gallery with Dad's paintings
  • Tommy serenades us with beautiful piano songs
  • Eat delicious soup and ice cream sundaes
  • Visit with Mom and Dad Center
no pictures. sorry.

  •  Long drive to LA
  • Chuckle that they sell showers at Whiskey Pete's, our gas station pit stop. "Shower customer #32, your shower is ready"...
  • Arrive! And immediately go to park and play (which we had to drive 15 minutes to get to! crazy!)
  • Dinner at Stone Fire Grill, a local favorite of the Summers' (whom we stayed with)
  • Visit with dear friend from high school and enjoy delicious shortcake dessert
picture of friend from high school...i forgot to take one of all of us there!
again no pictures! dang it!

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