Saturday, October 25, 2014

Act 5; Scene 12: A Very Halloweeny Day, and the Final Costume Hint!

To be honest, today was kind of crazy.

What with our own fall activities we wanted to do, as well as a lot of preparation for the ward party looming over us all in one day, we spent the entire day really Halloweening it up.

And now we're exhausted. 

So I'll save the details of the costume party for tomorrow's reveal post, and tonight we can focus on our trip to This is the Place Little Haunts.

Back in September I won a Facebook picture contest for This is the Place Heritage Park, and we got some free passes! We decided to use them today, for the parks Little Haunts children's Halloween festivities.

And we had a blast. I mean, that place is full of dirt, rocks, and sticks. Even without activities, the boys would have been happy! Here is a picture tour of some of our adventures:

Running up Main Street

...still running up Main Street

Great horned owl!

Stamping leather

Loves the hammer!

Our friends Bri and Gavin who came with us!

Waiting for a ride on the train

Trying out a bunk in the sea ship

Panning for gold!

He liked throwing the gold back to the river the best...

Chilling in the Navajo Hogan

That face!
And then that face!
Playing a Halloween song game
We had a good time. And, oh! I just found these pictures from when Tommy woke up from his nap and promptly put on my witch hat. It was pretty cute, even though he did not want to get a picture taken:

And this picture from yesterday's dinner that I should share: Monster Taco Salads!

Enough Halloween going on around here for you? Just wait until tomorrow's costume reveal from our costume party tonight!!! 

But for now, here is the FINAL HINT:

Costume Hint #5: Tommy is an aquatic creature, and we are not.

Any guesses?

Happy Haunting!

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