Friday, October 31, 2014

Act 5; Scene 14: Happy Halloween!!!

This week wraps up our final Spooktacular meal and Halloween festivities. 

On Wednesday, we had a more traditional-looking Halloween dinner:

Tomato basil soup with the last of our garden tomatoes

And pumpkin rolls!

Not actually pumpkin, but pumpkin shaped
And it was delicious! I forgot how good tomato basil soup can be. I'm glad we got to have it at least once this season! And the pumpkin rolls turned out pretty cute, too.

That night we carved our largest pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern.

 Thomas absolutely loved it. He was obsessed with getting the "yucky" stuff out of the pumpkin. He was saying "yucky" over and over again, until I started filming of course....he spent most of the time stirring up all of the juices inside the pumpkin.

I love the big stem!
That's a pretty happy guy sitting on our porch.

We're having a pretty chill Halloween. No carnivals, no fancy dinner--just trick-or-treating, and then a few friends coming over for about an hour to make Halloween pudding graveyards.

It should be really nice.

I'll update you this weekend.

And for now, Happy Haunting!

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