Sunday, October 26, 2014

Act 5: Scene 13: Halloween Costume Reveal 2014

It's a little early, but since we had a costume party last night, we figured we'd better reveal before the word gets out!

Here are our Halloween costumes this year:

Tommy is Jaws, and we are his victims! (notice his severed hand...haha)

He was pretty stoked about his shark jacket. So stoked that it was very hard to get a picture of him!

And let me tell you, that jacket was a labor of love. I thought making that simple jacket would be so easy with the sewing machine. And it probably would have been if I was a bit more savvy about problem solving with the machine. BUT! 4 hours after starting the project, we finally completed it. And it's sure cute.

Our other labors of love were our wounds:

Robert's bloody gash got a lot of attention at the ward party

The shark got my arm!
The food coloring really worked well to die my shirt! I looked pretty bloody. Lots of kids at the party came up to us and asked to touch our blood--asked if it was real. Ha! Thanks to my stage makeup class at BYU and some extra fake blood I landed there, we looked pretty cool.

This is definitely the most gory costume I've ever had.

And! We won the family costume contest. Woohoo! Winning costume contests has to be one of my favorite things in life :-)

Us with our prize medals. And Tommy with his, like, 6th piece of candy in a row. 

Are you ready for Halloween?! Less than a week away!

Happy Haunting!

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