Sunday, January 9, 2011

Act 1; Scene 3: Pre-production

This is it!

We are here!

Pre-production for Stage Door!


Last semester, BYU's production of Stage Door was nominated for a national college theater award and invited to the KCATCF Conference (Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival) in LA. Yes--LA. As in Los Angeles, California. That means that the cast and crew gets to pack up and head down to Cali February 7-12 to re-stage our 1930's, motion picture concept production.

Our production of Stage Door is black and white, just like a motion picture, since the play is about New York Stage acting versus Hollywood Movie acting. It is a play put on like a movie, to include both genres. The audience walks in to the theater, and is suddenly in a movie-theater, seeing a black and white play. For this to be possible, all of the costumes must be black, white, or shades of gray. The furniture must be, as well. And have you ever thought of the color of your skin and lips affecting a concept? The makeup designers worked hours and hours to create a makeup pallet for each actor to appear naturally black-and-white, just like the old movies. And of course, lights change everything. Countless hours were spent arranging and designing the blue and shades of gray and white lights used to make the furniture and set and actors look black and white. You should see the costumes without the lighting effect--you might spy some browns and greens! The concept is huge and challenging, which is why KCACTF wanted us to perform it the LAST day of the conference--so we can perform on the "showcase" (aka, best of the best) day at the Festival.

So now we are back to work, learning how to rearrange our set to proscenium style, with a new actress (our Judith is on tour with a Shakespearean troupe this year) and less crew. We will learn how to take apart the set and put it back together again inside the LA theater. So that is where I will be spending my evenings during January and the first of February--with the two tables worth of props, the 51 costume changes, the making of greenish water for "tea", curlers and sponges and fake mustaches. LA, HERE I COME!!!!

Watch the trailer for Stage Door here.



  1. So is the black and white photo at the top in color? Or is it a color photo of something black and white?

    Whatever --

    That concept is awesome. I wish I could really see it. Good luck!

  2. You are off on another adventure. Awesome!
    I'm lovin' this blog.

  3. So glad you have a blog. It looks great! How exciting about "Stage Door." Awesome things ahead for talented you:)

  4. Carson:
    Maybe you ought to make Robert an assistant props man!

  5. I wish we could come see it. What a fun adventure. And it comes at the perfect time of year. All this fun is sure to make the winter go by much faster. Congradulations!