Friday, January 28, 2011

Act 1; Scene 7: Theater in Dixie

My last weekend was spent as a chaperon for the high school drama kids.

Wow. What an adventure.

Combine long bus rides, energy drinks, drama kids, loud music, hotel rooms, makeup, costumes, set, accents, cell phones, and St. George...you are in for an exciting trip.

Here a few highlights:

Introducing the beautiful Mrs. Banks! My co-student teacher and a dear friend. Playing with her awesome phone on the trip down!

The kids goofing around on the bus. They even made blanket bus "forts."

College friends who are now teachers or student teachers. Hurray! It was so much fun to see all of my own school mates who I never get to see anymore. Fun times, fun times.

One of the students, Facundo, was called up to the stage to help with an improv scene by "Off the Cuff." And yes, his name is Facundo, and yes, any time any of the students yell out his name (as the very frequently do) it does sound like another word. Did I mention that the students like to yell out his name? Yeah.

I even taught a workshop about audition etiquette, and that turned out well. Whew!

The students also got to bring their performance of "Antigone" on tour and perform for all of the other students. It turned out so well! The best performance yet. I don't have any pictures of "Antigone" yet, but I will try to get a hold of some. All of the boys in the cast were manipulating life-size puppets (that they basically wore) while wearing masks. It made for a really cool effect.

And now we're back, safe and sound, and more educated than ever in realms of theater. On to bigger and better for the future!


  1. As stressful as they get, I absolutely LOVE road trips and overnighters with high school kids. I miss them!

    (Try camping sometime. Whoa....)

  2. are you really old enough to chaperone...?
    and next week you are off to LA? Wow!