Monday, January 24, 2011

Act 1; Scene 6: FHE and Skype

Isn't technology wonderful? I've been so busy and so much away from home these past few weeks (notice the lack of blog posts...) that technology is the easiest way for Robert and I (and the rest of the world, might I add) to keep in touch. An occasional text here and there and a conversation on g-chat or facebook chat works wonders. Recently Robert and I have even taken to having family home evening via Skype. Does it defeat the purpose of family HOME evening if we are communicating about spiritual things face to face in very different locations?

P.S.--More to come about my first weekend field trip with the high schoolers to come!

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  1. Isn't skype awesome?! We skype with my family all the time. It makes them seem not so far away. I can't wait to hear about how UTA went!