Sunday, April 3, 2011

Act 1; Scene 20: April Fools!

This year I really wanted to play a good prank on Robert for April Fools Day. 
The problem with that was: so little time to prepare! The other problem: I was going to be at the high school from 7am to 10pm on that very day.
So I had to get a little creative.

The night before, I "spilled" one of my fingernail polish containers on a piece of wax paper. Then I had to let it dry so it would stick in one place to the paper. I hid it deep within the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom, and tried to air out the room.

All that night, Robert kept saying, "Does it smell like fingernail polish in here to you? I keep smelling it." I hadn't bargained on it being a two day trick.

The next morning I was up and to the shower before Robert (as always). I snatched a pair of scissors and went to work cutting the extra wax paper away. This is what I came up with:

Pretty awesome, right?
I wrote "April Fools!" on the bottom of the wax paper. I was sure that Robert would notice it before I left, and I was just waiting. But he didn't. In fact, about 10am he texted me that he had found some spilled fingernail polish on the bathroom floor, and thought that must be where the smell had been coming from. I couldn't tell if he knew it was an April Fools joke or not, so I asked him if he cleaned it up. He said he did, but he didn't have to clean that much because for some reason it had spilled mostly on this piece of paper so it didn't get on the floor. ......Did he get it? I still couldn't tell. I said April Fools! and he replied: Wow. It was way to early for me to figure that out. 

Ha ha ha! Well, perhaps my plan didn't go quite as well as I thought, but I sure thought it was funny!

Happy April, everyone!