Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Act 1; Scene 28: Easter Musics and Tulips

This year, we decided to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ by heading down to temple square for "Music and the Spoken Word" with the tabernacle choir. 

The choir sounds absolutely gorgeous in its true home. The acoustics in the tabernacle were made for a large choir. I love how their sound wafts and fills the room, and carries you with it. The music and messages were perfect for the occasion. My favorite is always the final number after the broadcast is over--the choir's gift to the audience for coming: a-capella "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." My eyes were brimming with tears at the end of the song, even though I have heard it many times before.

After the broadcast, Salt Lake City got its own little Easter miracle. Just as Christ broke the bands of death, the sun broke the bands of dark and rainy clouds just long enough for us to enjoy the beautiful flowers and greenery of temple square in the springtime. :-) Robert has a knack for taking pictures, and went to work on the tulips and daffodils (my favorite!) Happy Easter, everyone! 

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  1. LOVE all the pictures. Great job Robert! It made me miss temple square. It is so beautiful in the spring time. Carson, you look gorgeous!