Monday, April 11, 2011

Act 1; Scene 22: A Collage of Tartuffe--Finally

The gorgeous stage
Ladies in a hissy fit--as usual

Cleante trying to talk some reason into Orgon

Orgon telling his daughter to marry Tartuffe

The maid is very smart and witty. She tries to convince Marian to NOT marry Tartuffe.

Damsel in distress :-)

"But here's Valere, your lover"

Tartuffe really likes Elmire, lady of the house

Tartuffe trying to seduce Elmire (it's actually a trick!); Orgon and servants looking on.

"Hello! You couldn't come out sooner and save me from Tartuffe?!??!"

"Oh son, I am mad at you!"

Neoclassical gentlemen

Running through the house in despair!

Ah! One of the servants fainted!

The eviction notice has come

Fop vs. Fop--which will win?

Reading the epistle from the King--of course the king saves the day

Our crazy cast! 
Assistant Stage Manager and Costume Designer.