Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Act 1; Scene 27: The Crazies Leave the HFAC

What a ride it has been.
I will miss my crazy theater ed friends.

And I will miss our beloved HFAC. Countless hours have been spent there by all of us. Countless tears and joys and fears and dreams have been shared there. This was our last day there together. 

Did I mention that we've had lots of laughs together, too?
Mostly from being goofy and having fun. Oh, and having a "who can lick their tassel?" contest.

So farewell, Harris Fine Arts Center! We wish you well. The crazies are headed out!

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  1. Carson, did you know you wore the same dress to graduate in that I wore in 1983 when I graduated? I just noticed it in your photo. Check out my blog.