Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today marks the one year anniversary of mine and Robert's marriage. Wahoo! Now we're starting Act 2. To reminisce/celebrate, here is what was meant to be a rather short but turned into a rather long picture narrative of our first married year. :-) Enjoy!

Our first picture together. Although we were not married at this point, I had to post it because it was SO telling of things to come... :-)
Me crying when we told my parents we were engaged. Don't be deceived by the smile--they were not the happiest of tears. Robert didn't know what to make of it :-)
We got married!
 Honeymoon at Jackson Hole, WY!

Eating the top layer of wedding cake appx. 5 days after the wedding
Fun fall adventures
At Hee Haw Farms on the hay ride
At our Halloween/house warming party

A piece of the cheesecake that Robert MADE me for my birthday

Thanksgiving at Grandma Svedin's. The car ride was early, packed, and freezing!
Our First Christmas

We went to an ugly sweater party!
Happy New Year!
                                             And I caught Robert eating on camera...a lot

Spring and Summer Adventures!
Participating in the saltine eating contest--how many can you get down in one minute?!

At the SLC Tabernacle for Music and the Spoken Word on Easter Sunday
After Convocation
We went to a baseball game

We went hiking! 
We had a picnic every week--this is our first one of the summer :-)
Waiting for the 4th of July fireworks to start

We moved...
 And helped others move

And to cap it off we took a big vacation to the Midwest
At Lake Michigan
Went on a walk at the cottage and saw this
On the swing by the pond at the Center Farm
The whole Center clan -1 (We love you, Harry!)

And that pretty much brings us to today. If you are still going through this blog post, you are pretty awesome, too. I've had so much fun going through pictures of the past year and trying to decide which ones I want to post! I think this will have to become an annual tradition--so watch out for next year! 

Robert--you are the love of my life. Here's a toast to Act 1!

Now...on to Act 2!


  1. Great fun to see all the photos too. Glad you posted a lot!

  2. I am happy you are happy.
    Love the photo reminiscing.

  3. i sure am glad you're here with us. :-) love you sister!