Sunday, August 28, 2011

Act 2; Scene 4: Time to Show the New Apartment

Tonight we invited my family over to check out the new and improved apartment. So I decided it was time to put it on blogosphere, as well. Enjoy!
Smaller view of kitchen

Larger view of kitchen

Dining room

Other side of the kitchen :-)

It has been so fun figuring out how to decorate this place! Thanks to Katie for the lavender wreath in the dining room, Dad for his gorgeous paintings, and Kim for the beautiful scentsy in this last picture.


  1. Very cool. Love the dining room. Fun to see you and Robert on Saturday. Please let me know about your theatre productions.

  2. the place looks great! the kitchen looks huge--huge enough to host general conference weekend or thanksgiving. ;-)

  3. It looks great Carson. It was fun to see it in person.