Thursday, August 25, 2011

Act 2; Scene 2: DIY

I have been going through boxes and boxes, trying to get everything up in our new apartment. I finally made it to the last box a few days ago. I had one--ONE--5x7 picture frame with no picture to put in it. But I didn't want to store it anywhere. It's a great frame and I was DONE having boxes in the house! So I put on my creative hat and came up with this:

With some scrap book paper I won at Robert's, and a frame I got for our wedding, I created this little "Center" decor for the house. Wahoo! I may or may not want to replace this with a picture eventually...I am sort of fond of my little DIY project :-)


  1. So cute! I need you to come help me decorate my house!

  2. You are truly a multi-talent to be reckoned with:) Very cute.

  3. what a great idea! looks swell. i'm so not a d-i-y-er.