Thursday, August 25, 2011

Act 2; Scene 3: Blueberriesblueberriesblueberriesblueberriesblueberriesblueberries

That's right. You heard me. Blueberries!

While I was in Michigan, my sis-in-law Katie took me to pick a huge bucket of beautiful, succulent, fresh, and very large Blueberries. 

I stowed them an took them all the way back to Utah with me. 
They have been such a delicious addition to the McFarland and Center kitchens. Here is a list of what I have done our half-bucket of Michigan blueberries:
  • fresh blueberries in morning cereal
  • blueberry ice cream
  • blueberry syrup
  • blueberry pancakes
  • fruit salad with blueberries
  • blueberry yogurt parfaits
  • green salad with berries and vinaigrette
  • blueberry jam (delicious)
And tomorrow I will top it off with a lemonade, blueberry sorbet for our last picnic of the summer. Who knew you could do so much with those berries, and they could be so delicious? Next time we need to put blueberry buckle on the list :-) I'm excited for next year's bucket of fresh blueberries. 


  1. oh my gosh I'm so jealous! Those look delicious :)

  2. Ahhh.. Michigan blueberries. So DELICIOUS!

  3. nobody does blueberries like michigan and no one does michigan like the centers. yummy goodness!

  4. Add to the list: Blueberries in greek yogurt, Blueberries and cream on orange cupcakes, blueberry muffins and blueberries in granola. YUM,YUM, YUM!!!!