Friday, October 5, 2012

Act 3; Scene 10: You've been SPOOKED!

When I was little, I absolutely LOVED it when our family would get "spooked" or "bewitched." Meaning that someone secretly left a Halloween treat at our door. Then we would get to secretly leave a spooktacular treat for two other neighbors. Once you'd been spooked, you put the sign in your window, and soon the whole neighborhood was covered in "spooked" signs. This was one of my favorite Halloween traditions growing up.

Needless to say, the fall after we got married I was very excited to start this tradition on our little newly married neighborhood. I made witch hat cookies and delivered them secretly with the spooked note attached. And then we waited...

and nothing happened. 

No treats delivered, no signs in any windows. Not even in the windows of the people that I delivered to

Not to be defeated, I tried again the next year--this time in a new neighborhood--the same one we're in now. And...

nothing happened.

No treats delivered, no signs in any windows. Not even in the windows of the people I had delivered to.

REALLY?!?! I mean, what is happening in the world? Do we have to have an app for delivering festive treats as well as putting away shopping carts?

But I promise, someday this WILL work. So I tried again this year.


I have more confidence, because this fall I have already been in the neighborhood for over a year, and I think I know which neighbors are likely to spread the spooking, and those are the neighbors that I chose to deliver to. I even did three families instead of two, in hopes that it will spread.

Don't let me down, neighbors!

This is what I made today and spooked with tonight:

I mean, how could you not pass on the spooking when you get something as darling and delicious as rice krispy treat pumpkins? This is one of those times that the Pinterest idea actually worked out :-).

Here's hoping!

Happy Spooking!


I went to Zurchers looking for very large glasses for Robert and myself.

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