Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Act 3; Scene 11: Help Me Win a Halloween Costume Contest!

Hey, all of you blog readers!

Remember last year, how Robert and I dressed up as Miracle Max and Valerie from The Princess Bride like this?: 

Goodbye, boys! Have fun storming the castle!
Well, I am entering our costume into a Halloween couples costume contest! But I need YOU to help us win!

Here's what you do:

From October 16-October 30 you can go to this webpage from thedatingdivas.com and vote for us!!!

And tell everyone you know to vote for us! You can even post it on your facebook, if you're that nice :-)

Remember, voting is October 16-October 30th.

Here are some more photos of our awesome costumes for your enjoyment and consideration:

Thanks for voting!

1 comment:

  1. this costume rocks! I love the princess bride. You should enter it into my contest too!