Sunday, October 21, 2012

Act 3; Scene 16: Monkey Bread and Halloween Stories

Tonight I tried another recipe from my Halloween book--monkey bread, or "pluck it" bread as Robert calls it, which really makes more sense.

And what makes this a Halloween treat, you ask?

Well...it was in the Halloween book? It sounded delicious? I drizzled (or attempted to drizzle...) caramel over it?

Take your pick. I say it counts.

And to make it more spooky, I invited Mike and Valerie over to "pluck it" and to be the pre-audience for my spooky Halloween storytelling that I will do tomorrow at Cornbelly's maze.

Tommy was a little frustrated that he couldn't have his own piece of monkey bread

After chatting, munching, and telling/listening to some Halloween stories, this is the final outcome:

I say delicious!

If you want to hear said Halloween stories, be at Cornbelly's maze at Thanksgiving Point tomorrow (Monday Oct. 22) at 7pm by the big fire pit.

Happy Spooky Telling!

Halloween Costume Hint:

We will be carrying extra accessories in our "britches"

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